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Farmer's Markets

Individual cuts of grass-fed beef can be purchased seasonally at the following farmer's markets. See price list below for individual cuts. All of our beef is individually wrapped, vacuum sealed, and hard frozen. Our processing this year will be done mainly at Atlas Beef Processing in Fort Collins, CO, a USDA inspected facility that uses gentle handling practices. 

1001 East Harmony Road

Sundays: 10a-2p


See you next year at the farmers market starting May 5th!!

Price List May 2022.jpg

Loveland West Farmer's Market

2665 W. Eisenhower BLVD
Tuesdays: 9-1p

I will be at the farmer's markets starting Sunday May 5, 2024 in Fort Collins. We will have bulk beef availability at the end of April 2024. 

Winter Availability:

Unfortunately, I am out of beef for the year! See you next year!

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